The Art and Science of Trading

The Trumid Ecosystem

Trumid delivers a full ecosystem of protocols and trading solutions within one easy-to-use platform. Built using leading-edge product design and technology principles, Trumid integrates into your specific workflow. Each trading protocol contributes to the overall liquidity pool and network effect benefits of the platform.

An Optimized Trading Experience, with Integrated
Market Data and Protocol Flexibility

Personalized Experience

Select tags based on your trading interest and create watchlists that are personalized to you. Receive smart notifications and trade suggestions on the bonds you care about, alerting you of live markets and liquidity.

Data Aggregation

Make informed trading decisions with an aggregated view of pre-trade data sources. Access unique Trumid pricing data (FVMP™), additional 3rd party market data, and reference data, all within one platform.

Protocol Flexibility

Trade the way you want – choose the protocol that best suits your goals. All Trumid protocols enable best execution and include robust automated spotting functionality.

Liquidity and Technology

Technology is a powerful tool for unlocking liquidity. Interact with high-touch and algorithmic liquidity providers to gain access to efficient, aggregated liquidity that you can’t find elsewhere.

Trade on Trumid 3

Trumid 3 is the newest version of the Trumid trading platform, offering an optimized trading experience.

Market Data

Platform integrated market data and analytics enable you to make informed trading decisions.