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Technology Intern

March 18, 2024

Who are We?

Trumid is a financial technology company and fixed income electronic trading platform focused on US dollar-denominated Investment Grade, High Yield, Distressed, and Emerging Market bonds. Trumid optimizes the credit trading experience by combining agile technology and market expertise, with a focus on product design. The result is a differentiated ecosystem of protocols and trading solutions delivered within one intuitive platform. Learn more at

Trumid is looking for a 2024 Summer Intern to join the Observability team in our Tech organization. We are a fast-paced, growing New York based FinTech. Not sure if FinTech is right for you? Just ask yourself a few questions. 1) Are you a self-starter who is a quick learner with an ability to prioritize and adapt all while being creative and proactive? 2) Do you have excellent communication skills and a desire to share insights and teach and learn from others? 3) Do you enjoy working in a team environment and producing results? 4) Do you have a passion for learning and are super curious about technology and it's ability to impact global markets?


The Trumid Observability team is a small team responsible for ensuring the company has effective tools for monitoring and validating the health of our production systems, and ensuring we quickly discover when something goes awry. As a broadly internally-focused team, we’re able to have a big impact and iterate quickly - by gathering feedback rapidly from our customers and other engineers across the company.

As an intern, you will work closely with our existing engineering team, who will help you hit the ground running and proactively support your work. While you’ll have a choice of well-scoped projects, you will also have the freedom to chase your own ideas and expand the scope of your work by seeking out opportunities for impact.

As an intern, you’ll contribute to our cutting-edge stack, and help us to develop software to empower our engineering teams. In the process, you’ll build problem-solving, communication, and software development skills. You’ll work with a diverse set of tooling - from using popular open source solutions like Prometheus and Grafana, to creating and enhancing existing greenfield software to improve the developer and support experience at Trumid.


  • Contributing to the development of our observability ecosystem to enhance our ability to monitor systems efficiently.
  • Engaging proactively with other teams across the company to announce features and identify potential improvements - as a fully remote company, deliberate collaboration and communication is a key part of the role.
  • Taking an active role in investigating and validating your software, and participating in the pull request process to collaboratively improve your own, and others’, code.
  • Instrumenting your software with good metrics and logging, to improve visibility and transparency of its behavior, to help us set a good example for driving these principles across the organization.

Project ideas

The following are some examples of projects you might work on. We will work closely with you to ensure your work is rewarding and aligned with your areas of interest:

  • Improve our tracing ability by extending our RPC tracing to our Go services, or across our RPC-over-Kafka boundary.
  • Build a solution to statically identify code changes by other teams that are observability-related (e.g. those which create or modify metrics or dashboards), so we can more easily give proactive feedback to other teams and identify areas we can improve.
  • Build tooling to centralize presently disparate sources of truth for our engineers’ contact information, team status, and roles, in order to improve the correctness and reliability of existing tools like automatic pull request reviewer assignment and role/team membership.
  • Work with engineers on other teams to increase the visibility of key performance indicators (KPIs) of our various trading protocols and engineer corresponding dashboards and alerts.

Ideal candidate

  • Within one year of undergraduate graduation (December 2024 - May 2025 graduation date)
  • Pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.
  • General programming experience in modern languages.
  • Experience with Go is ideal, but not required.
  • A keen learner, with interests in software development and resilience.
  • A proactive problem solver, with who enjoys facing down challenging tasks.
  • A strong communicator, who thrives on collaboration and teamwork.

Trumid is an equal opportunity employer.